Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog Introduction

After decades of well documented approaches to managing IT projects, these idiots still get it wrong. This blog pertains to not only the core project manager, but the other managers involved. They are the executives and directors that think they know what the hell they're doing. We could talk plenty about idiot clients, but it's the manager's job to influence their way of thinking to stop them from making mistakes.

I hold a PMP, which is totally worthless and I shall not renew it after it expires. It's a total croc of shit. Well, not totally yet one doesn't need a PMP to manage projects well.  This is a disease allowing PMI to get rich and is futher promoted by companies led by children.  If you know how to manage projects well, then you know how to manage projects, PERIOD. No one can take that away from you and you certainly don't need to continuously waste your money proving to others that you know what you know.

The goal here is to turn idiot IT project managers into smart ones and yet encourage the normally smart ones to avoid making stupid decisions.  We're talking about all the bad that people are afraid to talk about, so the good can flood in and wash it out.  Few of the posts will come directly from me, yet I am allowing people of various IT backgrounds around the world to submit their stories to me.  I shall not post who they are. If they are sending their stories to me, then that means they have one or more stupid IT project managers that will cry like a bitch and attempt to fire the whistleblower. Send your stories to[(at)]

If anything, this blog will be quite comical and informative.  Join me, will you?  Help me spread the word about this blog in hopes that it will eventually change poorly managed IT environments across the world. Most importantly, lead managers of all intelligence to this blog. If you are afraid to do so directly, be clever. After all, they do not have to know it came from you.

Alright, sports fans. Let the games BEGIN.


  1. Wow ... this will definitely spark conversation. Looking forward to being informed!

  2. (Merry Hobb) Thou speakest heresy, high treason, and unorthadoxy. Thou shalt be burned as a heretic, PMBOK Hell is were thouest shalt dwell for life cycle eternity. REPENT SINNER!

  3. Bottom line, I know how to laugh at myself and the mistakes I and other people make and so should you.

    Stay tuned. You can subscribe to the RSS feed: Perhaps a Twitter account will come later.