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This is so simple, yet so creative.  Just when I think I've seen it all - smh. Though just for couples, Sextract is a sex application that automates your sex life and who doesn't love sex, right?  Among other things, it automatically scheduling your sex dates.  My wife and I love it.  About once a week, I get an automated message that appears to come from my wife, yet it's really Sextract on my wife's behalf, telling me when she's going to seduce me.  Actually, Sextract keeps track of who's turn it is to be the suducer, so we comfortably take turns coming on to each other.  This handy tool prevents us from being too busy to take time for one another.  I believe every couple should have Sextract.  It's free to try, yet as of now (05/30/2014) it's only $3.39/month.

Clash of Clans

I can't seem to leave this game alone.  Once you install this game, do not feel ashamed if you reluctantly feel the need to purchase more resources (i.e., Gems).  Once someone raids your village, revenge will consume you!  If you know anyone playing this, download the game and later join their clan once your village becomes powerful enough.  Else, start your own clan.  The social aspect of Clash of Clans is well done.  This is a business model that any company should clap for.  The only thing you want to do is build a powerful village and win wars.  If your resources are not generating fasting enough for your patiences, you won't mind dropping $4.99 for 500 Gems.  For the rich folk, they commonly drop $99.99 for 14,000 Gems all so they can whoop some major ass.

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